Sunday, 6 February 2011

Who Dares Wins!!!! and gets the BEST Photographs!!

The most popular shot of any session I have ever done, is the Full on Action shot of a Gundog running full pelt at me with a training dummy,pheasant etc in its mouth.

In reality the owners probably do not have any shots of their best friend doing what it loves best and this is one of the main reasons why they book me to capture their dog in a natural environment doing what it loves to do.

For me also,capturing that moment where the dog is in full concentration,using every muscle in its body to get back as soon as it can,is amazing!!

Take this picture below

This was one big Vizla,who was full of beans and its owner wanted me to capture him in full belt,doing what he does best.

 As I lay on the floor with my camera equipment and my long lens (wondering if it would get through the next couple of minutes in one piece) I took my position and the trainer sent him on his merry way.

My camera can fire up to seven shots per second but unless you are pointing it accurately at your subject, its useless.

As this very powerful dog came running towards me,very very quickly. I held on and held on and then right at the last second i pressed the button and that familiar sound of the rapid shutter firing away at full speed  filled my ears,but I kept my eye to the view finder until I could hold on no more and pulled my head and more importantly my very expensive lens out of the way and he just missed me by a millisecond, I could feel the air flowing past as he continued on past me, thankfully without my head or lens.

We were all relieved as I stood up and checked all my limbs were in the same place as they were when I lay down and looking into the viewing screen on the back of the camera I knew we had something special and that the few seconds of fear had been worth it and the client would be very happy with this photograph of their best friend,which they were.

Going that extra mile is what its about in any situation and none more so than photography, that special shot takes planning and preparation and sometimes guts but the result will be on the walls of my clients for years to come and that makes everything worth while.

Gundog Photographer: Gundog Photographers Blog is Here!!!

Gundog Photographer: Gundog Photographers Blog is Here!!!: "At last I have finally sat down and started my Blog which I hope will give everyone an insight into the life of a Gundog Photographer based ..."

Friday, 4 February 2011

Gundog Photographers Blog is Here!!!

At last I have finally sat down and started my Blog which I hope will give everyone an insight into the life of a Gundog Photographer based in Cheshire in the UK.

I set up my business 12 months ago after taking numerous photographs of my two Gundogs Jet (Black Labrador) and Jason (a mad Springer Spaniel).

It is down to them that I am now fulfilling my life in taking photographs of so many wonderful dogs, I owe them so much and hope that i am repaying them for their guidance.

Last year was a great year for me as I won the runner up prize in the Kennel Club of Great Britain, Dog Photographer of The Year competition and this really set me in my way to launching my new career.

                     Runner up in the Kennel Clubs, "Dog Photographer of The Year 2010"

I hope you find this Blog informative and I welcome any questions or critisicm, for this is the best way to learn.
Thank you for taking the trouble to look at my Blog, I will continue to write as often as time allows.
take care